Texas Franchise and Business Consulting, LLC.



If you intend to buy a franchise, at Texas Franchise in Business Consulting, LLC we can gladly assist you.

We have nearly 300 franchises in our database to provide a service or option to our clients. All these franchises range on initial investment from $ 85,000 USD to $ 1,000,000 USD.

We like to compare Franchises to buying a perfume. If you reach the counter and ask about all perfumes in general without a distinctive smell or certain type of perfume then your results will vary far too widely and chances are you will leave unsatisfied. However, if when purchasing a perfume you come in looking for a certain brand or familiar smell the associate can then bring you only the best options to your liking which in return gives you far better chances in providing a perfume more to your liking. 

Texas Franchise and Business Consulting, LLC has the ability to analyze what you are looking for and present options that best adhere to your life plan, investment capacity, and especially your overall experience.  

What is the process to find the right Franchise? 

  • First we ask you to answer a series of questions through a short questionnaire in order to analyze the investment capacity, experience in the industry, and its points of interest.
  • Texas Franchise and Business Consulting, LLC will then analyze your answers and present you with 3-5 Franchise options to see if any of them catch the clients attention.
  • We will then start setting up meetings or conference calls with Franchisors in order to learn more about each of the Franchises and figure out exactly what the client wants.
  • We will then set-up meetings with the owners to personally talk about their experience as franchise owners and give you a first-hand perspective before you purchase the franchise.
  • If any franchise is of interest and open to a 'Discovery Day" which is a program for you to personally tour this franchise in its daily operation.
  • After a thorough analysis, the purchase decision is taken and we move on to the establishing of the new franchise.


Convenience Stores
Computer Technology
Building, Storage, & Decorating
Child Education Development
Employment & Personnel
Direct Marketing
Financial Services
Management & Training
Food Related
Lodging (Hotels / Motels)
Laundry & Dry Cleaning
Maid Service & Cleaning
Health, Beauty & Nutrition